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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Princess Ewwa (Ella)

Last Wednesday, while Micah was at his first day of school, Ella and I went and did some girly stuff. Things we've never been able to do before because, well, Micah wouldn't have had ANY fun. We met up at Libby Lou's with some of Ella's girl-friends (and mine!) and the girls got all dressed up! Ella was a princess (or so she says), and her friends were other things like fairies, Hannah Montana, and superstars. :)

I don't know if I've ever seen Ella so happy - so in her element. She was born to do make up, nail polish, hair styles . . . GLITTER in her HAIR. Yes, they went all out with these little girls. :) Then she found a hoola-hoop and went to town in the entrance of the store while waiting for her friends to be finished. They all had so much fun! Here are the pictures of Ella's transformation, and at the end are Ella and Emily . . . Emily is a beautiful fairy, wearing my favorite dress-up outfit of the day. :) (also glittered up!)

ella mirrorella toties
ella makeupella smile
ella waitella crown
emily hair
ella hair
ella & emily


IVMarz said...

awwww... this makes me want to have a girl one day! So beautiful :)

Statton Family said...

Awwww! This definitely puts tears in my eyes. I'm looking at these pictures as I'm preparing to send Anna to kindergarten tomorrow, and I am a total wreck! Thank goodness we still have Ella and Mere at home for a few more years!

Anonymous said...

Okay.. your daughter is a total diva and I love love love her. SO CUTE.

hjemme bra said...

She is to become a lady :-)
A sweet, sweet princess!

Congratulations to Micha being a schoolboy! Mr G has one year at home before it is his turn.

jordan smith said...

shes such a princess! love her!