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Friday, August 22, 2008

Letters to Home:

Dear Micah and Ella (and other family that we've left behind) -

We're having a great time! It's been so fun to see Grampie and Grammy Jones and tonight we're having supper with a bunch of the fam - it's Uncle Donnie & Aunt Debbie's anniversary bbq - yay! Hotdogs, hamburgers, lemonade, potatoe salad . . . oh and brownies. :) I'm looking forward to this a lot!

It was actually kind of COLD up here the last two days (which we really enjoyed!) but today it's warmed back up and will stay thta way until we leave. I'm guessing about 80 degrees in the sun -not at ALL bad. :) Everybody here is hot but we're very comfortable.

Uncle Dave and Aunt Heather have a brand new kitty - until today his name was "newest kitty" but now we're calling him Otis. (There is another cat who is "new kitty" until he gets his name - but he's not a kitten and for some reason "new kitty" really suits him!) Griffin has gotten SO big! He was a big puppy with lots of energy and now he's a BIG dog (like a small horse!) who just wants to love on us and lick us! I'm really enjoying Griffen and I bet you guys would too - Ella would probably terrorize him, and it would be funny because he would LET Ella terrorize him!

Last night I took some pictures of Aunt Heather and Uncle Dave - and little baby on board too! The fields up here are so beautiful in the evenings and the light is AMAZING on top of the hills. We miss you guys a lot and sometimes I'm wishing you were here to play with us and the animals . . . show you all the farm stuff around. :) MIcah, you would love all of the tractors and trucks around here! But, it's nice to spend some time with just Daddy - so we'll be really happy to see you guys when we get back. :)

Not a drop of rain up here since we arrived - I suppose all of that is down South with you guys - hope you don't wash away! We love you so much and can't wait to see you next week! We're going camping for a few days so we won't have much to say but we'll check in later :) Here's Aunt HEather and Uncle Dave:



Oliver said...

I just have to comment on that first Photo!! AWESOME!!

Michelle said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! Gorgeous!

lydia said...

these are so good! say hi to the family for me! we all miss you, especially ella & micah! :)

Statton Family said...

I think that first photo is the most beautiful maternity photo you've ever done E! It's breathtaking! Seriously, it's absolutely stunning, beautiful!

Anonymous said...

omg Heather.. You have a little belly now!!! So CUTE!!!!!! xoxox Mar

Eva said...

Great pictures! How exciting for Heather. She is so beautiful ;)