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Thursday, August 7, 2008

GFP & ENP: The Swap

I met up with a friend tonight - well, I should be honest and say she's really my sister's friend - but now she's my friend too! We've been chatting on facebook, discussing how much FUN we would have together - and we planned to do a "head-swap" session - I shoot her, she shoots me. Should be easy, right? We were rained out twice and finally, tonight was the night. :)

This is Jordan of Green Flamingo Photography (awesome name, eh?) - oh and she is SO FUNNY! :) We had a blast (well, I did - I'm just assuming I wasn't the only one who had a great time) . . . Any-who, The ones of Jordan I took . . . and the ones of me, Jordan took. (That's not too hard, right?) We scouted out some new locations and I'm super pumped to get back to them and do some more shooting! Jordan, thanks so much - we need to do this again sometime (and again, and again, and again . . . )

For starters, here's a little number I like to call "too much fun with the wacom tablet" - it's a group effort by ENP and GFP . . . nice, huh?


I suppose I could share the original as well - and no, Jordan isn't a model (currently) but she WAS very close to meeting Tyra Banks at the casting call for America's Next Top Model. :D

no graffiti
self portraits


And now, one of me . . . if I hear ANY snickers or chortling over me sharing this picture, somebody is gonna get it! And you know who you are!! Don't think I can't hear it already! :)



Green Flamingo Photography said...

you look amazing in that j* top!!! I had such a great time!!! I cant wait for David Jay!

Statton Family said...

You are so hot!

Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

And you both are way too kind (and slightly delusional - but that's OK, I'll take it) :)

Kate said...

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!! Love it, Elizabeth...great shots, love the one of YOU hot stuff!!! :)