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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sick again, wasting time . . .

. . . by revisiting pictures from last year. :) I'm a on a little retro kick at the moment - so you'll have to excuse the fact that EVERY picture I post is not necessarily "right" by normal people's standards. :) I assure you, I purposefully changed colors & all to give strange color casts, all in an attempt to not be ordinary. . . . I'm always doing the same old things, so today I'll be retro, perhaps tomorrow it'll be something completely different. :D Let's keep it a surprise, shall we??

So these are pictures from last year, at Disney - although it COULD be from today - the weather is very much the same today as it was 5 months ago. Lucky us, huh?? (Heather I acknowledged that for YOU because I am very thankful to have lovely weather outside 99% of the time!!) :) The kids are sick (again) and once again I cannot put them in nursery at church, and so I am here at home with them while they run around coughing and spreading their germs in OUR house, and Matthew is enjoying fellowship with our friends. :) I'm glad he's able to be out - last week he had two wisdom teeth extracted and finally today he's seeming like himself again. The last of the anethesia has worn off, the pain medicine is out of him, and he's even *sort of* smiling again (it is painful still) . . . so it's good he can be out and about among the living at least!

Enough chatter - here are the pics - enjoy or ignore, your choice. :D

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