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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lovely Day

It's in the 80's today . . . and it's February 2nd. HOT. At least it's also gorgeous outside - lots of sun, blue skies, pretty clouds. A perfect day for an art festival, no? Apparently that's what thousands of other people thought too. :) We should've gotten a clue when it took us almost 30 minutes to find & get a place to park - $5. From what I hear, short people (me) should have been feeling really good compared to the tall people (hubby). All I could see as we walked through the throngs of people was the backs of those in front of me . . . squeezing through. HE could see JUST HOW MANY people we had to wade through - a lot. :)

We would have LOVED to slowly wander through the exhibits - the few that we saw were so pretty & interesting . . . but the heat, people, & my whiny son made us give up early. So rather than look at art, we got lost instead. :)

Took the wrong shuttle bus to the OTHER side of town, took it back (got to see the lake though - PRETTY!), and then we decided to walk the few blocks left to where we'd parked (rather than wait for the correct shuttle bus to arrive. (OH - and by the way. I never EVER want to hear of any kid complaining about riding the bus again! We rode school buses - the shuttles - and they have AIR CONDITIONING! Seat belts...SUSPENSION even!! I didn't feel my teeth rattle in my head once . . . and my tall hubby didn't bump his head on the roof - they're taller!! So no more whining - ya hear??)

So we walked to the car - and all in all, it was a lovely day. Wasn't short - took us all morning and most of the afternoon - but it was beautiful out and we spent it with friends & family....so who am I to complain? :) Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure . . .

Up in the air....junior bird man!



Ella wanted to hold hands with me on the ride there . . .

our hands

Some of our wanderings . . .


More wanderings, and a different post process on the picture. This is what it FELT like - a nice warm spring day :)

Feels like Summer . . .


check out those dimples :)


Anonymous said...

These are awesome. LOVE the light and colors. Great expressions on the kids too.

Kate said...

Elisabeth!!! ABSOLUTELY gorgeous photos!!! Great job...you are amazing! Did you get a new camera?? Hey, I made up a blog button (using your business card pict and links to your website) to advertise your business. I have it on my blog...thought any traffic I could generate your way might be good. What do you think? Want the code to give out to your other bloggy friends??!

Love to you!!!

Hey, we might be coming down y'alls way this summer!! :D


eba said...

amazingly beautiful photos! I don't know how you do it!?!?!

Anonymous said...

these are really cute =)!!