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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Foot "thing"

OK - I admit it - I have a thing for feet. No not THAT kind of thing! But I just LOVE taking pictures of feet. And it's not just cute baby feet - it's everyone's feet. :) I love how you can look at a picture of feet and almost FEEL the smile . . . feel what they're feeling - and, if nothing else, you want to just reach in and pinch them because they're so darn chubby and cute!!

We had lunch with our Auntie Sara Sunday after church - and it was a BEAUTIFUL day - perfect for a picnic and some chalk fun. Thank you to her for having us there and here are some picture from our afternoon. (I did not take them all - I will give credit where credit is due!!) :)

Taken by Daddy (edited by me) . . . and he called their names and this is how they stood - still laughing from chasing each other around the corner. Micah loves his sister - see his hands on her arms - he's (almost always) so gentle with her. ;)

Taken by Auntie Sara (edited by me) . . . This is SUCH a wonderful capture! I love the look on his face. :)

OK here are the ones I took - all feet . . . wierd, I know. :)

Have a wonderful day! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi! It's me again! I really love these!!! My favorite is the second one (even thought you didn't take it). All the feet are great. I TOO have a fetish for photographing feet. Maybe if you're lucky I'll let you photograph my feet when I'm there in March.

Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

OOH - I can only hope to be bestowed that honor. :D My fav is Sara's picture as well - she rocked that one!! :)