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Monday, July 20, 2009

We're still here!

No, we haven't dropped off the planet - but we are spending almost every moment that we can with my sister and her family. (I need to remind myself to back off a bit -- they ARE here for 6 months....but we can't help it, we don't want to miss any time with them!)

The kids are having so much fun together - already Levi and Micah are best friends, as are Ella and Emma. You wouldn't think they were just reaquainted in the last 3 weeks....you would think they've spent their whole lives together. :) (Whole, short lives.) But I think that even though they haven't been in the same country the last 4 years, we've all done a really good job of making them REAL to each other. They see videos of each other, pictures....sometimes they've even been able to talk on Skype - so as far as they are concerned, they've been best friends for a lot longer than just 3 weeks.

Matthew is out of town this week and we (my sisters and I) decided a sleepover was in order. It's been YEARS....probably 8 at least....since all 4 of us have been in the same place, and have had time for a sleepover. I mean - a PROPER sleepover. One that included way too much cookie dough, two boxes of yellow noodles (mac & cheese) mixed with hot dogs. MMMMmmmmmm........we ran out of room in our bellies before we could hit the double stuffed oreos or the ice cream - we're saving that for Tuesday night. ;)

The kids all slept together in the guest bed and though it took them FOREVER to fall asleep, it was a special time. We have a video of all of us singing together, and I have a TON of pictures of the kids in bed together. My heart is full. :)








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Deanna said...

Wow! Emma looks just like Sarah in the last picture!!!