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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Yes, I CAN spell. Yes I know that I spelled "peacemakers" as "PIECEmakers". Do you want to know why? Because Matthew's Grandma - our Granny :) - is a PIECEmaker. She is part of a local quilting group. She and the other ladies from Westview Baptist Church - and then other women who wanted to get involved too - meet every week to work on these quilts. :)

Anyway, they were featured in the local paper this past week after a recent donation and I thought it was really cool. They had a picture online so I STOLE it (which is OK because the picture belonged to Granny, not to the paper) ;) and she won't mind. BUT - my purpose in blogging this isn't JUST to toot their horn. :) It's because you never know - there might be somebody out there, locally, who is interested in getting involved.

These ladies are so sweet, and they have a great time together. They work hard, yes, but they have fun doing it! So I figured somewhere there might be a person interested in making quilts for babies and others in need and who might want to get involved - either way, it's cool what they are doing and I know the Lord is pleased with their service to Him. :)

The link to the paper's article is here. Oh - and granny's all the way on the right. :) LOVE ya Granny!!!

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