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Monday, July 6, 2009

So far, so good {Central Florida Children's Photographer}

I've got something from every day - photos, that is. No, they're not earth shattering (nothing I take ever is...) but I'm going to keep doing what I set out to do. :) These are just a few from last week -- Thursday was a busy day and it didn't really end until Sunday morning!

We had friends visit and play with us in the morning (these pictures are from that day) and then we had my sister and her kids come play for a little while in the afternoon too. THEN some friends of ours had an emergency (appendectomy!) and my mom and I watched their four children Thursday evening/night and into Friday early afternoon. The kids had a BLAST. Who wouldn't? It was like one big party that turned into a "real" sleepover . . . but I've definately decided that I will not under ANY circumstances have 7 children. :) I'm not cut out for seven. DEFINATELY not cut out for seven!! My mom would have to move in with me permanently... ;)

Thursday night we threw an impromptu birthday party for my mother-in-law, Peggy, and I'm certain it's been YEARS since she's played duck-duck-goose at her party. The kids were very pleased to have been "invited" and we all stuffed ourselves full of cake before we tried to calm down for bed - ha!

Friday we went to the park, went to the park again....ate breakfast....swam in the pool, played some more - and all before 11:30. :) Mom and I attempted to keep everybody busy so they'd be tired and ready for a rest but it seemed like the only ones who needed the rest was us! Needless to say, we had a busy but very fun weekend - and praise the Lord, our friend is doing MUCH better now that he's missing that annoying little organ. ;)

Happy Monday!


Little baby parts :)


Delicious roundness!



My big boy :)


Little Ethan - having a blast...


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IVMarz said...

I see you and Matthew better than I ever have in that pic of Micah!