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Sunday, July 5, 2009

My People {Central Florida Photographer}

I love my people. :) You know who "your people" are, right? The people - family or not - that you consider absolutely necessary. My people may not live in the same state - or country - but I count our relationships as some of the most important in this life I have.

My sister and her family have lived in the Philippines for the last 4+ years and recently have moved. I can't say back "home" though - because their home has become the Philippines. They are, however, living here in the States near us for the next 6 months and then they will be moving (as permanently as missionaries can!) to Norway. She and her husband are also missionaries with New Tribes Mission (as my husband and I are) and they'll be working there in Norway starting in January.

She's not been around (my sister) for the last 4 years - although we have been able to spend a good amount of time with them during that time while they were visiting - but the saying is true...absense makes the heart grow fonder. :) Having her here is even better than I'd hoped. The kids are all playing together as if no time has passed and they're already becoming friends. :) To have all 3 of my sisters in the same place - and at the SAME time - is . . . wonderful.

We four are WAY too much alike, and yet so very different. I'm really loud and probably the most obnoxious. I talk WAY too much and tend to want to mother the rest of them. Sarah smiles hugely and loves fiercely. We fought all those years growing up and that I regret -- I wish for those years back so we could be best friends for all that time. Joanna has the most beautiful eyes and smile - and singing voice. She's an amazing listener and I wish I could be just like her. Lydia....ahh...Lydia. :) She's the baby. She's so....special. :) I think she's "our" favorite, as in Sarah's favorite, Joanna's favorite, and mine too - for good reason. She's the quietest and can also be the loudest. She has an amazing heart and has always managed to be on everyone's side at the same time. She and Joanna are SO funny. Sarah is an amazing mother.

These are my people. :) Or rather, three of my people. My three best friends, and three of the most amazing people in this world.


Anonymous said...

You and all your people need to get on up here to Canada soon, EH!?

hjemme bra said...

Sisters are a GREAT blessing!!!

lydia said...

i love you e!

Markus and Sarah said...

Awww, I only just saw this! Good thing I'm on this side of the world or else I'd have cried like a baby!

Kathryn said...

Not too long ago I found a note from school days- it had "I want to be like Sarah J when I grow up" scrawled on it. I always thought she was hilarious, even though she annoyed us often :)