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Monday, July 27, 2009

Grandma's Love {Central Florida Photographer}

Meet Vicki and Alex. Well, actually - meet Vicki, Alex's Grandma. :) You've already seen Alex on my blog many times....she's my beautiful niece whom I LOOOVE to photograph. It's something about those beautiful brown eyes that sparkle with life - and that HUGE smile surrounded by the cutest dimples.

Vicki was here visiting a couple of weeks ago and it was suggested that we do a quick mini session with the two of them. I of course JUMPED at the opportunity -- I think EVERY grandma should have something like this with her grandkids -- and was very happy to do this for them.

Vicki doesn't live nearby (as you may have guessed) but that doesn't stop her from being involved in Alex's life. It is so funny to listen to Alex talk about her Grandma and Grandpa....and then there's the Auntie with the new baby.....she happily carries around her little photo book with pictures from her last trip up to visit. I think every time I see Alex she sits me down to share pictures of "Grandma and Grandpa Bob" - oh and of "her baby cousin". :) It's so good to see how much she loves them and how much a part of her life they are, even though they don't get to live close by.

Anyway - here's a little preview for them. Vicki - I'm so glad you were able to come down, especially for the birthday party and then some nice quiet days with Alex. I hope we get to see you around more often!! ;)




I love the warmth in this next one - and tried to reflect that with the warmth in the colors....Vicki just adores this little girl, as you can clearly see. :)


There are so many more to come - these are just a handful out of the first few frames I took .... I'll have more to share later I'm sure. :) Happy Monday!!

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