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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Time slips away all too fast. I look at Olivia and how big she's getting already and I get a little panicky. Like when I'm playing a game and the timer is almost up...you can see the last few grains of sand slipping even more quickly to the other side....and you know there's nothing you can do to stop it.

Now don't get me wrong - watching Micah and Ella will also make my heart leap within my chest and I'll want to freeze the moment, forcing them to stay little....but for some reason Olivia's changes seem more drastic right now. :) Every day she changes - this week she's started "talking" and I love watching the kids with her! They talk to her, she makes some strange baby noise back at them and they LAUGH and laugh. Then they want to know what she said - so I usually make up something rediculous which results in more uncontrolled giggling.

The point of this blog today is this: I'm losing time! I've LOST time! So I'm going to do something I've tried before - but I really want to make it happen this time. haha - now I'm over-using the word "time" and it's going to get annoying.... ;)

My camera is not going back in the camera bag. It will be out, all the time, and every day I will MAKE myself take SOME sort of picture of the kids. What we're doing - no matter who looks scrappy or how the house looks.....because it's what WE look like, right now. Now, that doesn't mean I'm going to record what I look like, right now. NOBODY wants to see that! ;) Anyway- I won't blog every day's pictures but I thought maybe somebody else "out there" was feeling the same pressure of losing the moments.....and if you are, grab your camera and join me!

These are not going to be my best work - none of these photos will end up in any sort of "portfolio" - but it will hopefully be something I can keep up with and be able to look back and see changes. Photographing my kids once or twice a month isn't cutting it....they're way too cute to lose these days together!!

Now to get a video camera to capture Micah telling every one of us that he loves us, and to get Ella warbling in her little LOUD voice..... ;) (Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday.....Matthew) :)

Today's pictures - taken before 8am. Kids in PJs, Olivia swinging....Micah's already changed his name to Luke Skywalker for the day. :)






Jenn said...

Ok, I'm grabbing my camera and joining you! I feel like I could have written this post myself. And the game timer...totally how I feel when I look at Lilly every morning. I look at the pictures you just took of her and she's already changed so much since then. I'm starting today with her "4 month" pictures (which are already 2 days late!)

Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

Alright Jenn! We can do this! :) Good luck and have fun :)

IVMarz said...

Hey... we still do have to take "before" pictures ;oD We have to have Something to compare our amazing "after" shots to! Right now, I wish I could have a voice recorder going constantly with Victor... he's starting to say/sing stuff that makes me smile all the time... and changing/growing so quickly...