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Monday, June 8, 2009

Me & My Daddy - Florida Lifestyle Photographer

I've been meaning to get a few pictures of Matthew and Olivia together and it just hasn't happened. To be honest, there's about a two week gap between these pictures and the last ones I took of her . . . she has changed a lot and I've gone and missed it! Well, life is busy and some days the best we can do is pull out the cell phone and snap a quick one with it, right?

So last night on the way home from church the sun was setting and it was just beautiful outside. The sky was a beautiful clear blue, the grass so green - it wasn't nearly as hot as it had been earlier in the day . . . and Olivia was quite happy. All good reasons to stop and remember the moment, right? (Plus it helps that all of us were dressed somewhat nicely and most of our hairs were combed....)

Here's Olivia and her daddy - she's almost 7 weeks old now. :) Micah and Ella still love her and we are all doing just great.




And of course, Micah and Ella :)



My favorite now - just for fun :)



IVMarz said...

awwww... you were right, that last one is great! great shots

Markus and Sarah said...

Love it!!!!!

Lucid Imaging said...

I love Matt's beard! And I don't usually like beards! These photos are super super cute (of course).

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's day!!! love love love the pictures. hey is micah like offering a temptation apple??? the four of them together is my favorite. so very cool . all different moods on faces. love it. mom

Lydia said...

olivia is so peaceful. love it. and i love ella's face in the last picture.

Deanna said...

Ok so this is so cute! and I have to say that beard is so great!