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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

I know, I know - I'm once again severely neglecting the blog . . . and I'm sorry. But I'm also just neglecting to pick up my camera. Don't get me wrong - I'm up to my eyeballs in editing photos - just not spending as much time right now behind the camera, where I'd rather be. :)

Tomorrow is Father's Day - I figured since it's 10:30 we can go ahead and get an "early" start on it. :) Micah and Ella have a special message for their dad. Hopefully you can figure it out - but if not, he'll get it anyway. ;) Oh and since Olivia couldn't send the message herself, I figured I'd include "The Many Faces of Olivia." Well, a few of them. ;) This just goes to show that at home all I really ever get are quick snapshots - but that's life, eh?? ;)

Happy Father's Day Matthew - you are an absolutely amazing daddy to our children and I am every day thankful that God gave you to me for a husband and a friend - and that He also gave us these three beautiful kiddos. You are tender towards them, loving and kind. You're a LOT of fun, you will play legos and games and "boxing", and then turn around and be the Prince of the ball with Ella. I've even seen you dressing the barbies - don't think I'm not watching!! :) Olivia smiles for you like nobody else (surely not like that for ME!...) and she follows your every move, listens to your every word - she's loved you straight from the womb. :) You are a wonderful daddy -- these three are so blessed.




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