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Thursday, June 4, 2009

FUNNIEST of the Bunch!

Kay and I have been emailing back and forth - she leaves Saturday and I'm hoping to have more for her to look at as far as a peek of what's to come. :) This evening I made considerable progress and at one point I stopped and just had to laugh!

Chuck and Kay have six of the funniest grandkids. A couple in particular just CRACKED me up - well, no, at some point in the night EACH of them said or did something that was just so cute and so funny. :) No wonder they talk about these kids all the time! I would too if they belonged to me. Here's a couple of pictures that Ginger caught on the dance floor - Oh my goodness, it just makes me laugh to see it again. :)



I continued through the pictures and after I'd wiped the tears of laughter out of my eyes, I came across these. :) I remember every single shot I took of Kay and her daughter dancing together. Kay had asked the band to play a special song for her and Lauren - My Girl. If my mom had been there, I'd have grabbed her and we'd have had a special moment as well. :) I just loved seeing the relationship that Kay and Lauren have - Lauren really IS Kay's girl.