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Sunday, May 17, 2009

She's SO strong!

Olivia is such a strong baby - honestly! She was holding her head up in the hospital . . . and she continues to do it! She has never been a bobble-headed baby. I remember my other kids (and other babies that I've known) to hold their heads up early on, but their sweet little heads bob around - like bobble-heads! :) It's so funny. Olivia has been as steady as can be from day one. She turns her head and looks around. She loves to follow her brother (and try to follow her sister) when they're talking to her. If you hold her on your shoulder she'll just hold her head up and look around.

I suppose at this age she's not seeing a whole lot, but she sure is trying. :) I love her sweet baby kisses - the wide open mouth kisses . . . she turns to me and I kiss that sweet baby . . . the hollow little sounds it makes when you kiss her open mouth. :) Of course there's always the danger that she'll try to latch onto my nose or my lips - but in those cases I usually give her what she REALLY wants. ;)

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Markus and Sarah said...

Wow, what a girl! It's strange to see such a little itty bitty baby holding herself up like that...she's still got that newborn look! And boy does she look like her daddy's side of the family...it'll be fun to see her in person in July. I'm sure she'll change so much between now and then! Love you guys. Give her kisses from us!