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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Birthday, Mother's Day . . . and of course, lack of sleep!

This past weekend went by quickly. And slowly. Funny how it can be both, eh? Saturday was my birthday - and I started it out bright and early with Olivia. :) Then Ella, Olivia and I went with my mom and grandma to Grandma's church for a Mother/Daughter tea. Ella was SUCH a big girl, she sat fairly quietly, clapped politely, ate lots of grapes and cheese (complete with a breakout of hives from the cheese), and she even drank some cooled-off tea. :) Olivia slept through the entire program and woke up as we were helping to clean up - Mom got to show her off so nobody minded that!

Then later on Saturday the kids were with mom and I got to take a nap with Olivia - HURRAY FOR NAPS!! She's been rather uncomfortable and fussy the last couple of days and so our last GOOD nap was Saturday afternoon. :) (Although at this moment she is sleeping . . . but it's almost lunch time - for everybody.) In the afternoon on Saturday I ate my piece of Banana Dream cake from Too Jay's - a large piece of heavenly bliss - and celebrated 27 years of life.

Sunday morning Olivia was dedicated to God at church - and we, her parents, dedicated ourselves to teach her about God with our words and our example. Each time we've done this (with all 3 kids now) I've stood in the front of the church with our church family and real family watching - and all of them committing to pray for us and for Olivia. It really impresses on me the huge responsibility that I've been given - the treasures God has entrusted me with, these three beautiful children - and how blessed I am. It was a really nice Mother's Day. :)

Well, yesterday (and so far today) Olivia has been a bit out of sorts. I have no pictures to share because of it - and in all honesty, all I want to do right now is go to sleep. Well, maybe sit down and have a little cry and THEN go to sleep. :) Don't worry - just crazy hormones all whacked out . . . And on that note, I'm going to go downstairs and feed the hungry natives, then feed Olivia who is beginning to sound the "hungry alarm" - and MAYBE when we're all done I'll get to eat something too. ;)

Happy Tuesday!

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