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Saturday, May 16, 2009


OK so some funny things about Ella. :) She has called poor little Olivia "he" and "him" since day one. She KNOWS that Olivia is a girl - but for some reason she wants to know why "he" does things . . . and if she can hold "him". :)

At the moment I can hear her in Micah's room playing. She has 6 Barbie dolls and he has a couple of "spaceships" that he made out of Legos. There is also a stuffed puppy - a pink floppy eared thing that Ella has named "Luke Skywalker". Apparently the dog is a superhero because I can hear Ella saying, "Underdog has SAVED THE DAY!!!" :) (We recently watched the Underdog movie . . . )

Ella has absolutely NO fear whatsoever. She never has - and I'm afraid she never will. Last night I told her to jump off my bed (meaning that I really just wanted her off QUICKLY...) and she proceeded to take a flying leap off the end of the bed, over the bench at the end of the bed that grandma Peggy was sitting on. She sort of tucked and rolled after she landed - and Grandma Peggy turned to me and said, "Well, you DID say to jump off." :)

Ella calls Olivia "Olivia Abigail" - and she doesn't really like that I call her "Livvy" or "Liv". She has finally stopped calling her "Mama Mia". :)

She is already very sad about Micah going to school (mostly because she knows she doesn't get to go yet) - but she is VERY excited that she is now "a Cubbie". At church we participate in the AWANA program and you have to be 3 to go into the club called Cubbies. (3 and 4 years old.) Well Ella turned 3 after the club started and, just like school, she has to wait until the NEXT year. So she'll be almost 4 when she starts. For the last year she has desperately wanted to go to Cubbies but I held her back - mostly because I know 3 years in that club is a LONG time . . . and when they had their closing awards the other night she realized that she is NOW a Cubbie. Of course, this means I have to listen to her all week long talk about how on Sunday she'll go to Cubbies - she doesn't understand that we're off for the summer and will resume in the fall. :)

But she DOES tell everybody and anybody that will listen that she is a Cubbie now. :) She just walked in asking me if it was her birthday or daddy's birthday now . . . oh it would just be the BEST thing in the world if her birthday could be every day!! But she knows what she wants! She told the nurse in the hospital (when Olivia was born) that her birthday was in "No-Nem-Ber" and she would be four. And she told her she wanted a pink princess cake with princesses on it and that she would be getting a Barbie Princess bike with a pink helmet. I've got to start saving my pennies. ;)




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Markus and Sarah said...

Oh Ella-girl, we can't wait to see you! Guess what? For Emma's birthday (next week!!) we got her her very first Barbie doll. It's a Rapunzel Barbie (I do think I recall hearing how much you love Rapunzel...hehe) and I think she's going to really like it. I think we'll let her get one more right before we get on the big airplanes to come see you...maybe you can bring your favorite Barbie to the airport (if you come)!!! We love you!