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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Little Liv - 2 weeks old

She's just over 2 weeks old - I can't believe it's been that long. It seems to have flown by. Just yesterday she arrived . . . and every day she changes a little bit. I'm sad to have missed those 14 days - I'm not taking nearly as many pictures as I thought I would - but I suppose if we had a little mini session every day I'd run out of disk space REALLY fast on my computer. :)

Today I visited my doctor again (checking on that incision again) and it's taking its jolly ol' time healing. Still not completely closed so I'm still being extra careful with it. Still really sore - keeping me from walking like a normal person.

Olivia had her 2 week-ish appointment on Monday and she is doing great. She had gained almost a full pound - 8lb 1oz - so YAY for her! I told Matthew we're so blessed this time around - he has not missed a night's sleep yet and I'm sleeping more now than I was at 2 months with Micah!! She is so calm and quiet - don't get me wrong, she can wail with the best of 'em - but for the most part she is just a very content and peaceful baby. :)

Here are 4 new pictures - I have some more but I"ll spread them out over the next few days. ;)

not as sleepy as I'd hoped . . .

Tiny Fingers - 2 weeks

brand new belly button - 2 weeks

tiny toes - 2 weeks


Kate said...

She is just beautiful and perfect....I can just smell that sweet baby smell through these shots, Elisabeth!!! SO glad y'all are gettin' some sleep, praise Jesus. :D

Did I ever ask you how you get your business logo on your picts? What editing program do you use btw?

REST REST REST, take it easy ok, mama?!! xoxo

Markus and Sarah said...

Love these pictures!!! She is the sweetest little baby in the world and I love her SO much.

Question : what do you guys call her? Olivia or Liv? We've gotta get it right for when we meet her the first time. Don't want to give her a bad first impression... ;-)

Anonymous said...

love those baby feet. i miss her and i get to see her most every day! But every day she changes! this grandma will call her Olivia- although i have to say that when i hear others talking about Olivia, i sometimes hear "Lydia", so there have been a few confusing moments in my brain as to who we are talking about!!! so maybe "Liv" is a good distinction for Lydia and Olivia!!! love, mom