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Thursday, May 14, 2009


In 2 short months Micah will be 6 years old. I cannot BELIEVE that my baby boy is that big. (I also can't believe that he's only about a foot & a half shorter than me already!) I remember how overwhelmed I was with being a brand new mom. And then every time I look at Olivia it all rushes back - not only because she's a baby but because she looks SO much like Micah did when he was that little!

I wish I could get to my "old" picture files (I can't find them) - because if I could, I'd share with you a picture from when Micah was a baby. :)

So Mom asked me to share some things Micah's saying and doing - I'll go ahead and do that today.

Currently, he is VERY interested in satellites and all things "outer space". He'd like to grow up and be a "satellite maker" - I suppose some sort of rocket scientist?? - and then when he's made a satellite that will do what he wants it to do, he's going to finish his career by being a monster truck driver. That's his REAL goal right now. :)

He also is very interested in petrified trees (thanks to Donald Duck!). We're looking up (later today) how trees get petrified - I do not have an answer for that unfortunately!

Today we are going to SCHOOL. The school he'll attend in August - it's orientation day. He's REALLY excited. He got a letter last week from the teacher, Mrs. Schake, and Micah and Ella spent the rest of the day playing "school" - she was Mrs. Schake and he was Mr. Schake. That's because ALL teachers are named "Schake" - didn't you know that?? ;)

He ran up to me after he read the letter and said, "Mommy! Do you konw what? I got invited to go to school with Mrs. Schake! And she said that there will be snacks and a program and probably even PRESENTS! And she said I should bring my little sister Ella and my new sister Olivia - isn't that COOL Mommy??!!" :)

I've got more but I'm goign to have to update later . . .





Forgjengelige ting said...

Love your "babies" and stories!!!

hjemme bra said...

Micah is growing to be a big boy! I think Georg and Mathias would love to meet him (only they have to learn to speak english first...). They love MonsterTrucks too. They have been drawing them for months, build them in lego, watch them at youtube...

Lisa McAmis said...

Beautiful post, Elisabeth. I always thought Micah was such a sweet boy. Is he going to a different school next year for 1st grade?

Fresh Sugar said...

Hi Elisabeth,

I found you on snappers awhile back and check your blog from time to time. i have to say your photography is awesome you have really gotten good:) and congrats on the baby! I have three and its so fun to watch the little one grow up with the sibs:)!! anyways I just wanted to say nice work and give you a high five!:)

Markus and Sarah said...

Hi Micah! It was so fun to read about you and all the questions your asking your mommy about satellites and petrified trees.:-) We can't wait to see you in just a few weeks!!!