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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Today (as hopefully EVERYBODY already knows) is Mother's Day. A day for us to honor our Mothers - and hopefully it's not the ONLY day we show them honor and gratitude - but it is a day set aside especially for that.

My mom is amazing. In fact - all of the "moms" in my life are amazing. I'll start with my mom. I'm the oldest of 4 girls - so she managed to survive raising all of us - and she pretty much did it on her knees. (No, not as in waving the white flag of surrender, but on her knees praying for us.) She is daily an example and encouragement to me as a wife and a mom - and I pray that someday my kids will see in me the same things that I see in my mom. My husband tells me I'm more like my mom every day - and I can't help but think of that as an AWESOME compliment - there is no person in this world that I'd rather be like. She loves the Lord with all her heart and everyone who meets her sees that she is DIFFERENT. I want to be just like her.

My mom's mom is equally as cool. :D Apparently back in her day (before getting married) my Grammie was QUITE a handful - and quite the spit fire! I have a hard time believing this because of who I know her to be today - calm, steady, quiet - but at one time she could raise some SERIOUS you-know-what. :) I would say that Grampie managed to tame her but I THINK she is one who wouldn't have been tamed - she probably decided for HERSELF to allow God to work in her life to make her the amazing woman that she is. If only she lived closer . . .

My dad's mom is such a blessing. I get to see her a lot since she lives close and I honestly think of my grandma as one of my best friends. I say this truthfully - I know of NO ONE else on this planet that has as much of a servant's heart as my Grandma does. Well, not true - she married the OTHER person with as much of a servant's heart - my Grandpa. :) The two of them are incredible examples of servants and it is because they live not for themselves, but to serve God.

Here's another REALLY cool thing about the moms in my family. It's not JUST my family that has such awesome ones - Matthew's mom (my Mother-in-law) is equally as much an encouragement and example to me as my own mom is. From the day we met I knew we'd be best friends, and no matter what I know that she loves me (even though I'm not her "own" daughter) and that she prays for me and our family - what a blessing. Then there's Matthew's Mom's Mom - Granny. :) Granny is so special - she, like my own grandmas, loves the Lord and will be the first to offer help, encouragment, or just her prayers for you. Granny and I can sit and talk for HOURS . . . she's just that cool.

The women in my family are living examples to me (and my 3 sisters) of what a wife, mother, and a follower of Christ should look like. Not just look like on the outside - but on the inside. I pray that my daughter Ella will see this in me as well, and I pray that she will also love the Lord and live her life for Him - and that this legacy will continue on in our family.

Happy Mother's Day Mom, Grandma, Grammie, Peggy & Granny - Thank you for being there for us, for supporting us, loving us, for praying for us, and for the example that you give to us each day with your lives. Love you all so much!

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hjemme bra said...

Happy mother's day!

Great reading about all your "mothers". It sure is a great blessing to have so many Godly women around you!