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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

We've had a busy week - Matthew has been out of town for a week and it's so nice to have him home! Memorial Day weekend is always quiet for us and he got back just in time to relax with the familiy. He spent most of the weekend working around the house (lucky Matthew, huh?) but then Monday we had a little gathering . . . we enjoyed watching the kids slip & slide and then we all piled into the pool for some more fun . . . Ella asked for ice cream every, oh, 3 minutes or so. (Even when she said, "Pleeeeeeeze Granma Peggy??" - she STILL had to wait until after supper!) :)

Chris cooked a MOST DELICIOUS shrimp boil for all of us - he maintains that it was SUPER easy - but it doesn't matter - the shrimp was SOO good and the veggies were great . . . and of course Granny made her famous baked beans. (Sure, they aren't WORLD famous but they sure should be!) The kids drove the little car in the street, Ella wandered around getting into stuff . . . the boys played the Wii . . . all in all, a very relaxing BEAUTIFUL day and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Anyways, here are some pictures from the day, nothing fancy or special, just moments for me to remember. :)

Alex in her new sunglasses ("They're HANNAH MONTANA ones!")

Ella-bella, on a mission (see the determined scowl on her face?? the jaw clamped tight??) Oh and then her sweet little 2 year old back . . . can you see the fuzz? OH so sweet....

The two slip-n-sliders - Alex wasn't interested in trying it out. She was patiently waiting for them to get into the pool instead. :)

Alex's pretty smile ("only ONE and then no more pictures," she informed me)

The kids and the neighbor's dog . . . poor thing was so happy to go and "do her business" when the kids FINALLY backed of! :)

Alex and Micah driving the car - check out their skills! :D

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Markus and Sarah said...

Great pictures of 3 beautiful kids! :-) Looks like you guys had a fun day!!!