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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Home again!

I'm back home - yay! The doctors have really found nothing. There's nothing wrong with my gallbladder and no stomach ulcers - praise the Lord! :) They did find some erosion in my stomach/esophagus which is around a flap or something - can you tell I was drugged when they told me what was going on?? Anyways, it can cause pain - but not severe abdominal pain like I experienced. SO---big fat nothing. No matter what, I'm glad to be home - I'll be following up with my family doctor and also the GI doctor I saw - and maybe with some more testing (outside the hospital!) they will find a reason - but as long as it NEVER comes back I'll be happy!! :) Thank you all for praying for me - I really do appreciate it.

if you wouldn't mind, please pray for Micah. :) He's been back and forth between the grandma's and auntie Joanna - and for as much fun as he and Ella have had, he's come down with something. Matthew is taking HIM to the doctor this afternoon to make sure he doesn't need antibiotics - sounds like another ear infection or something - so anyways, please pray that Micah's feeling well soon adn that we ALL (the grandmas included!!) can get some much needed rest tonight! Thanks again!


Kate said...

Oh, Elisabeth...so sorry you have been not feeling well! Glad you are home...pray that if there is something to all this that the Drs would find it quickly. Take care and rest lots! Love to you!! Kari

hjemme bra said...

Good to hear you are at home, and feeling better.

Those photoes of Ella are sooo nice!

Markus and Sarah said...

Hey sis, so glad you are back home and praying for you and for little Micah. Mom said he has a double ear infection!!! Poor baby... We're thinking about you 4 a lot, and will continue to pray that the doctor can give you some answers soon. Thankful that you've got great family nearby to help out! Sleep well tonight. We love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Elisabeth,

Glad you are back home. What a weird thing! We were praying the whole time. Let us know if we can do anything. We have a pretty open weekend and would be happy to help with the kids if the Grandma's and you need a break :).