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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


OK - so the last two days have NOT gone as I planned them! I'm writing this from the hospital room (yay for hubbies who have laptops and wireless internet!!). So yesterday morning I headed off with the kids to church - it was our weekly ladies Bible stucy - and on the way there (around 9:30am) I started having stomach pains - kinda like sharp cramps up under my ribs.

I didn't think much of it and it wasn't until after the Bible study (11am) that I started to REALLY feel bad. The pain was so intense - I figured it was something I'd eaten for breakfast and that it was SERIOUSLY disagreeing with my stomach.... Mom took the kids home and I drove my car home as fast as I could. I beat her (and no, I didn't speed TOO bad) and by the time she got there I was in horrible pain. We called Matthew and he came immediately home from work.

Tried to get the doc on the phone but ended up hanging up on them and just headed in to the ER. They did a CT scan and an ultrasound - they found that my infection levels were high as were my white blood count. They found some inflammation in my stomach on the CT scan and figured that was a result of another infection. Today they did an endoscopy to determine what was in my stomach - which was NOT an ulcer.....but just some inflammation - painful, sure, but it doesn't explain the pain I felt yesterday - not to that degree.

SO.....we wait. :) At this point we don't really have any answers but I'm so thankful that the pain is mostly gone - I'm just sore and uncomfortable but that's TOTALLY bearable! Matthew's bored from sitting around here all day and the kids are having a blast with their grandma's. :) Hopefully tomorrow they will either find something more (possibly doing some tests on my gallbladder) and if they DON'T then I'm just praying we get home quickly and that pain never EVER comes back! :)

Thank you to those of you who have been praying, I'm so appreciative to you for continuing to bring me before the Lord. We've stayed encouraged and I'm feeling so much better this evening - now to find some answers! :) Thank you again and sorry for the "book"! :)

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IVMarz said...

Oh no! I'm so glad you're feeling better (I was feeling pretty poo this past week, so I know it's NO FUN)! Love ya and we will pray for wisdom for the doctors.