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Saturday, September 15, 2007

My "Alivia" Favorites

Here is my good friend's daughter, Alivia - the two year old wonder. :) This adorable fire-ball kept me on my toes and made me WORK for these pictures. I enjoyed EVERY minute of it and I was so pleased with how the photos turned out. These are my favorites from their session . . .

Her chubby feet and round little piggies - SO CUTE! :)

This is a storyboard that we put together - she was making monkey sounds at her mama in the photo on the left . . . and on the right she's wondering what on EARTH her mama is doing (also making monkey sounds)!

Lastly - this is why I call her a fire-ball. She is HAULING it as fast she can to get away from her mama - it was time for a "costume change" and she didn't want any part of it (like any good 2 year old!) . . .
Thank you to Amber and Alivia for a FUN evening - and for the exercise!! HA!

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awright165 said...

No, THANK YOU Elisabeth!! That was such an amazing evening and I can't thank you enough for all that you did!

You are an AMAZING photographer and did a WONDERFUL job catching the "light" within Alivia. We will be able to remember her for years to come as the two year old that we know and love just she is. From the bottom of my heart thank you!