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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Little Ethan

Ethan belongs to Jessica - from the maternity session below. He came just 4 days after we did Jessica's pictures - and was 4 weeks early - SURPRISE! You'll notice that these pictures do not all look the same . . . he got bigger in the last two! :) That's because at Ethan's first session (at 1 week), he was WIDE awake. We didn't get a lot of pictures, so we did a second session at 3 weeks . . . but this little one obviously has plans OTHER than my own! He would sleep for a few seconds, and JUST as we were ready to scoot him into place, AWAKE he'd be with a cry! Lucky for me, all his mama had to do was whisper in his ear and off to dreamland he'd go again, content as could be. :)

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