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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thanksgiving Madness (A little late...)

We had a rather "mad" thanksgiving this year...well, it was so much fun - but crazy. :) My dad's side of the family (The Meisel's) all were able to come for the week of Thanksgiving and we spent many hours together, laughing, catching up, watching the babies....in general it was an awesome time but we managed to wear out Grandpa and Grandma pretty good. :)

I'm going to do specific blogs on the babies - I managed to get some time with my cousins and their little girls! - and hopefully during Christmas I'll get some time with my other cousin and their little boy. He was a busy dude on Thanksgiving day and wore himself out prematurely. ;) Anyway - I'll blog about the kiddos later...for now, I thought I'd just share "the whole clan" and make grandma's day while I'm at it. ;)

Oh - and the first family picture we took would have been awesome except for the amount of flare that completely obliterates my cousin's (and their families!) faces....so we re-did it, in the dark - but hey, it worked and we DID manage to get us all, even if it looks slightly ghetto. It's all my fault, I'll take the blame....


The Grandkids & Their Kids...


Here's the ghetto version....but I still like it. :) It's our family, and that's what matters!



Deanna said...

Okay, I sooooo love the last photo where Ella has no shoes on! And how she looks like a mini twin to Lydia! And how Olivia is snuggled up into Matthew's neck, all passed out.

You have the most wonderful family, all 26 billion of them! I love these photos, and I especially love your mention of "ghetto"!!!!!!! Ha!!!!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I like the darker picture much better and it is already on the frig!
Be careful using the word "ghetto"...you are describing YOUR family :) Dad.

Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

Sorry - I didn't mean to call our FAMILY ghetto :) just the picture....Ella's all barefoot and I think it sort of sets the tone. Totally fabulous...ghetto fabulous :)