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Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Christmas Present

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I am SO so so so excited to share this.....an incredibly talented artist by the name of Erika Jessop just emailed me to let me know that the painting she has done for me is finished! For AGES I've wanted to commission Erika to do a painting for us but just have put it off......first I wanted to wait until Olivia was born, then until she was a little bigger...and then I thought - well, what am I waiting for, REALLY?? It's not like I can't ask her to do ANOTHER amazing piece of artwork for us in a year or two....the kids will have changed, their interestes will be different....it's going to be awesome. :) I can just see my future - the WALL of "Erika Jessop" paintings, capturing my kiddos as they grow....how cool would THAT be??

So she has this amazing gift - God has truly blessed her with her talent.....I sent her some pictures, described my kids (of course, this was their MOTHER describing them - and their mother is ME! - so the descriptions were loooong and involved) but from just those two things she has captured the essence, the sweetness, the beauty, the love.....she has perfectly depicted my three children. :)

Micah, the future rocketeer - he wants to grow up and design and build satellites and fly rockets - then after he does that he's going to be a monster truck driver. :)

Ella, the super princess....she really does think she's some sort of princess super-hero :) I think that she's eve wearing a purple "cape" in the painting which would be about right - ha! ;)

Olivia, with her sweet little smile and she is, of course, playing with her feet. Her happy little toes that are always attached, wherever she goes. :) Ella's castle is off in the distance....and I love how Erika used the colors of the kids that they love the best. Micah's wearing a green helmet - his favorite color. :) Also, a coincidence - is the fire in his rocket, which Micah is JUST NOW really getting into! :) Ella is wearing LOT of pink and purple - plus th crown. :) And Olivia is wearing my favorite on her - pink and blue... a little purple. :)

Oh I love this picture more than I can say and I haven't even seen it in real life yet. :) THANK YOU Erika.......your artwork has surpassed my expectations and they were pretty high. ;) I now know EXACTLY how all of the other people feel when they see their paintings of their kids....and it's a great feeling. :) I LOVE IT! Oh - and to see more of Erika's amazing work, click on the picture - you can find her contact information there as well!

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