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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry {early!} Christmas

It's been a hectic last few days around here - I'm sure everybody else who is reading this is thinking, "yeah, well who's haven't been busy??" :) Today was a nice - slower - day....now we are going to watch a movie together as a family, get dressed and then go enjoy Christmas Eve with Matthew's family. Tomorrow will be an EARLY morning I'm sure - the kid can't stand not being able to open the presents that are under the tree! - and then a yummy breakfast just for Mathew. :) He picked out some special bacon to go along with his Pillsbury cinnamon rolls....the breakfast of champions! (At least on Christmas day it is!)

My sister Sarah and I have been trying to make time to do pictures of the kids together before she and her family leave (I'm not even going ot go there because I'm so sad about it that it literally paralyzes me to think about it)....and we did the pictures yesterday. :) It was strange - as the mom of the people being photographed I was FREAKING out - wanting to sternly instruct them to smile and QUIT being so wierd....but the photographer in me was trying to chill the "other me" out and let the kids just play and be themselves. I'm sad to say the neurotic side of me won for the most part - but hey, they're young, I bought them an ice cream as a "thank you" and they've already forgotten me spazzing out on them. ;)

So Merry Christmas to our mom - and to ourselves! ha! - and here's a little slideshow of the kids together. :) OH - and to start it off right, a few of little O...she is SO funny! OK and then a couple of the cousins all together. :)






hjemme bra said...

Thank you for this post!
I LOVE it!!!!!!

Hilsen Bodil F.T. said...

Very very very kute and nice and lovely!!
Thanks a lot, Elisabeth!!

IVMarz said...

awwwww.... Olivia's hair is so long! so cute. If it makes you feel any better, I was making Christmas presents for our family with Victor (he was painting 5x5 canvas squares) and the perfectionist came out in me and when I asked him, "did you have fun painting today?!" he said, "no" as he pouted :o\ oops. We tried again later and he seemed to enjoy it more then. love you :o)

IVMarz said...

oh, the link for the slideshow wasn't working :o(

Markus and Sarah said...

Love the pictures, love them love them LOVE THEM! :-) And I also love all these little kiddos!!! Oh, and I love you too!

Alice said...

So beautiful, Elisabeth. Each day together is a gift. And so are Webcams and Skype! :-)

IVMarz said...

LOVE the slideshow!! :oD