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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Time's Almost Up! - {Central Florida Maternity Photographer}

I am so incredibly behind in my blogging - there are so many things I have on my list to share....among them are some more pictures from Luke and Leslie's materity session. I shared a couple ages ago - and never did finish blogging the session. I'm probably not done with it either, as I still have several favorites that I'm wanting to add later - so we'll just consider this installment #2. :)

Leslie's been working on making little Grayson and it won't be long before they get to meet the little dude! I'm sure she's probably ready to give the evacuation notice -- and hopefully he's ready to come on out and meet all the family and friends who are excited to see him. I can't believe that it's already been 4 months since Olivia joined our family - honestly, it blows my MIND that she's over 4 months old - HOW did it happen?? :)

So in the spirit of making them stay little for longer...here are some more maternity pictures from Leslie and Luke's maternity session. :)


I had just a LITTLE bit of an obsession with this green door...I'll get over it, I promise!



Leslie has GOT to be one of the most beautiful pregnant ladies ever. I so do not do pregnancy like this...lucky girl. ;)




Elisabeth said...

You take such lovely pictures :)

Michelle Guzman said...

Love these!!!!!!!!!