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Friday, September 18, 2009

I DO: Andrew & Ashlee {Central Florida Wedding Photographer}

So Andrew and Ashlee are at a disadvantage - they have only seen a tiny glimpse into their wedding photos because I've taken a different approach with the editing. Not different as in, another style of editing....but different as in my workflow. Normally I go through and pull out my favorites and spend a bunch of time just fooling around...and then eventually I get to he entire batch and work my way through. A LOT of time wasted, I must say. This time I just posted a couple and have gone through the entire batch in order....helping me to stay on track AND to have the entire wedding flow really well.

They have another disadvantage - the day went off so well, Markus and I got SO MANY amazing shots....that they are ending up with WAY more photos than I intended, but I'm unable to narrow it down any further. Sorry guys....I guess you'll have to be "stuck" with 50% more images than normal. Hard knock life, eh? ;)

Anyway, I've already blogged ABOUT their wedding, shared a few sneak peeks....but this is it. The big-daddy post. So get ready - these are just a few of my favorites from their wedding day and I HOPE HOPE HOPE that you guys, Andrew and Ashlee, love them as much as I do!

The venue - Leu Gardens in Orlando, FL





Andrew & Ashlee allowed me to do a First Look with them - they met ahead of time for a special private photo op.....PLEASE to all future brides, consider doing this! SOOO worth it!! :)





I SOOO wish I could take credit for this next series, unfortunately (for me) I cannot. Markus, my brother-in-law who is also a photographer, worked with me on this wedding and he caputured the next series. I wish I would have seen his angle (my angle is not NEARLY as amazing as his!) and I wish I would have kicked him in the shin so he'd have allowed ME this opportunity. JUST KIDDING MARKUS! :)


How can you help it but get amazing images out of gorgeous people?!?



I said it before - but this wedding was SO MUCH FUN. Seriously - I wanted to bust a move several times but am thankful I restrained myself....don't want to be THAT photographer. ;)


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