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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our Family by Heather Wilkinson {Lucid Imaging}

My cousin's wife, Heather, took some family pictures for us yesterday. We have been in desperate need of a family picture for some time now - the most recent one we have I was pregnant with Ella....SO, while up here in Canada I asked Heather to PLEEEEEEASE help us out. :) She of course agreed because she's just that nice.....and we finally have a new picture to use for our prayer card (we're missionaries with New Tribes Mission) and a new picture for our WALL!! yay! Thanks Heather - they ROCK.




Michelle Guzman said...

Love your new family shoot. Awww.... The last time I saw you, you were pregnant. I miss you!

Melissa Lewis said...

LOVE these shots Elisabeth! Heather did a great job! YAY for new family photos!

IVMarz said...

These are so sweet! Makes me want to see your face even more :o)

D said...

Naturally, you all are a beautiful family! I love that you have a great one of all 5 of you now!!! :)

And may I just point out, Matthew is quite a looker. Hee hee! He resembles Gerard Butler a bit. :)