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Friday, August 21, 2009

Rosvik Family, Part II {Florida Family Photographer}

I figure it's time for another round of the Rosvik family. I honestly am completely unable to narrow these pictures down to the best few. I have enough trouble doing that for clients....but this is my FAMILY and even the ones where the kids look all "kookie" are my favorites!! Oh well, Sarah and Markus now will have hundreds of pictures from that hour of their life. ;)


Sarah does not like this one....but I absolutely love it. Isn't she just gorgeous?? And Markus is quite the stud. ;)



My FAVORITE out of all of them....Sarah's favorite too :)





Sassy little Emma-Girl....



Now THESE are funny....Poor Sarah is seriously ticklish and all I wanted Markus to do was rest his nose gently on her temple. Sarah could barely stand it....but it made for these adorable pictures....Oh well Markus, we tried!! :)



See how she's not REALLY in control of herself? She's about to freak out again...


The kids were looking deep in my camera to try to see Pooh...or maybe it was Tigger??


I love this :)


Levi actually BELIEVED me that Pooh was in my camera....oops.... :)



Anonymous said...

Ok.... so, the one where Levi is hugging Emma is the CUTEST. What a super adorable family! And they are my family too! I'm so proud =) Well done, my friend!

hjemme bra said...

Love these! All of them! Perhaps because it is my family too...?

Elisabeth said...

Lovely pictures :)

Thanx for telling the trick about Pooh, I'll try that the next time I'll take pix of kids ;)

Michelle Guzman said...

Love the use of light. These are great!

a passion to capture the moment.... said...

I love the close up of the kids blurry and mom and dad in the background. Awesome capture

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