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Monday, August 24, 2009

Olivia - Smiley & Happy

I cannot tell you how much ALL of us are enjoying Olivia. Micah does not go to bed until he has kissed her and said goodnight. Ella goes to Olivia first (before anyone else) and tells her good morning....they both just adore her and we are all enjoying every minute with her! And to think we thought we only really wanted two children - this just goes to prove that God does know best. ;)

Today Olivia and I had a little impromptu photo shoot - she was 4 months old on Friday of last week. (The 21st) I'll share something from that tomorrow because I was unable to do any editing today - my eyes were dialated at the eye doctor's office and I haven't been able to do any reading .... he tells me that computer work counts as reading. :) SO....nothing got finished today but we did have a great day with my sister Lydia, helping her clean out her room.

Anyway, here is a little video of Olivia and Micah from two nights ago. I know I sound like SUCH an idiot - just trying to get her to laugh because it is SO funny when she does. It just bubbles out of her, she can't control it really, and it always surprises her when she laughs. :) Then we all laugh at her....she didn't really laugh in this video but she is just so happy. And Micah is really silly next to her - not sure why he sits there with his mouth open the whole time. ;)

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Lisa said...

Oh Elisabeth, she is so adorable!

Lisa McAmis

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