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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Peanut Butter & Tuna Fish

Wierd title, eh? It's a funny story though. :) Ever since Levi and his family have arrived from the Philippines (this is my nephew) he and Micah have been inseperable. They absolutely, from the MOMENT they met again at the airport, are best buds. Micah is kind of used to being the follower when it comes to playing with his other "boy" friends. But with Levi, Micah usually is leading. It's funny to watch the two of them work through the dynamics of their relationship, trading off who is making decisions - but then Levi usually defers to Micah.

We've notice something else too. Levi really will do almost anything that Micah wants. It is a BIG deal if Levi decides to do something that Micah is NOT doing. Well this also happens when we eat. For the first week or so that they were here, my mom would collect all of the grandkids and have them with her - she calls it "Cousins' Camp." :) At lunch time the kids gather around the table and Grandma Esther starts making something for them to eat. Micah and Ella are BIG fans of peanut butter. (They get this from their daddy...) Ella prefers JUST peanut butter with her family (we call this a 'choke sandwich') and Micah loves it when you put BOTH strawberry and grape jelly with the peanut butter.

What's really strange is that at every meal the kids eat together, Levi asks for the same thing Micah has. We figured Levi was never hungry though, because he never would actually EAT the peanut butter and jelly. Come to find out - a week later - that poor Levi does not like peanut butter and has been "suffering through" in order to be just like Micah. Ha!

SO today. Mom has the kids - she is trying to figure out what to feed them. She makes tuna fish. Micah doesn't like tuna fish. Levi and Emma love it. So mom makes tuna fish and sets it in front of them. Micah says he does not like it and he would like peanut butter. OK - that's fine. But THEN poor Levi decides that he really wants peanut butter too - but he doesn't LIKE peanut butter. He really just wants to identify with Micah and it is so sweet......if only MIcah realized just how much Levi loves him and wants to be with him. :)

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