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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Olivia ~ 4 Months Old {Central Florida Children's Photographer}

I mentioned these yesterday....it's hard to narrow 200+ pictures down to just a few for sharing. Especially when the subject is as cute as Olivia. ;) I can barely bring myself to delete the ones where she's blinking (or strangely enough, looking in two different directions!) but there's only so much hard drive space for keeping triples of everything.

She and Ella played for a bit - I think these pictures are some of my favorites. As much as Ella makes me nervous around Olivia (Shoot - that girl makes me afraid for my OWN safety when she runs at me!!) she can also be just so sweet with her. This goes to show that Ella does have more than one speed. She definately leaves it on "Full throttle" most of the time - but occasionally she can dial it back a bit. ;)

Part 1 - E & O

Part 2 - E & O

Olivia demonstrating her ab workout for you all...



This next one is the FIRST picture I have ever seen that clearly demonstrates the Meisel side. She looks just like Lydia...or maybe Joanna - no, Sarah. Well it could be me too.....but definately a Meisel picture here!



Janelle Meisel said...

she's absolutely adorable! can't wait to see her when we come out for thanksgiving.

Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

Janelle I cannot WAIT to line up the three girls and get some photos of them....I'm thinking those might be the cutest pictures EVER. three little belly buttons...three roley poley arms :) We're excited for Thanksgiving too!

Markus and Sarah said...

Ahhhhhhhh! Absolutely perfect! So glad I am nearby for these months to snuggle with her and give her kisses, or else I'd be going crazy with sadness at all I am missing out on after seeing these pictures!

Michelle Guzman said...

Just adorable!!!!

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