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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Logan - 9 Months Old {Central Florida Children's Photographer}

Last weekend I met up with Logan and his family for his 9 month session. He and I go WAY back. Well that's not true - but I did "meet" him when he was just a little bump inside his mommy's tummy. :) It's been so fun to see him go from a sleepy teeny tiny newborn to an alert and watchful baby....and now he is a NOSEY 9-month old! Yes, I said it - nosey!

He's so funny! Every sound - car, plane, bird, footsteps, laughter - he HAD to know what was going on! And he would raise his chubby little arm and then wave his delicious little hands - Hello and Goodbye. :) OH what a sweetheart! He reminds me so much of Micah - Micah was always at the top of the growth charts - weight and height - and Logan's tasty little rolls remind me of those days. Ahh.....it's really too bad that it't not cute to be roley-poley as an adult, eh?

Adrienne and Mark - as always, it was so much fun to see you guys and to play with Logan. I hope you like your little peek of what's to come. :)





My FAVORITE - just LOOK at that handsome smile!!


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Anonymous said...

Isn't he the cutest!! I could be prejudice because he is my grandson. I've really enjoyed looking at the pictures you've made of Logan, Mark and Adrienne. He has indeed been growing....

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