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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Boat Ridin'

I realize it's been a LONG time since I've posted anything, and I'm sorry (to the two people who actually DO read this blog!) :) It's been really busy and we have people coming to visit soon and I'm trying to get everything in order for them to come. (Heather & Dave - can't wait!) We got to spend some time earlier this week with some friends from Norway. (I realize that's not the actual relationship with them BUT it's way more complicated to say it's my sister's husband's sister and her three friends . . . especially when they're all so nice and immediately seem like friends when you meet them!) SO - we were invited to go along with them on a boat ride and we took them up on their offer!

I only have one picture of the "norwegians" - Hopefully they'll have some more pictures to share with our "Norwegian Family" when they get home - but I do have one of Grete and Ella. (Grete is my sister's husband's sister - SEE?!? I told you it was confusing!)

The kids had a blast - Mr. Julian even let the kids drive the boat (which I should have more pictures of sometime, they're on Mr. Julian's camera) and that was the HIGHLIGHT of Micah's trip! He did tell me that "boat rides are really long and boring" (we were on the boat for 1 1/2 hours each way!) and he was also VERY excited to go "fishing" with Grampy Tim. That didn't last long. After about 30 seconds he said, "this is it??" YUP. That's it Micah. Just sit there and WAIT. :) He told Grampy Tim that he decided he wasn't going to be a fisherman anymore, and then he went to sit with his new Norwegian friends. :)

All in all, we've had a nice time visiting with them and hope ANY OTHER of our Nowegian 'family' and their friends that come through here stop and visit - we love to see you!! :)

Ella and me . . . just chillin' :) -- Then Grandma Esther and Ella, hugs and snuggles!

Grampy Tim and Ella - notice a common theme here? Ella is the only one who REALLY wanted to be in pictures. :) Then, Grandma Esther & her "florida" grandkids...too bad the other two weren't with us too!


hjemme bra said...

Those lucky norwegians!!! I wish it was us..... Mayby one day.....
I'm looking forward to see all of Grete's phictures when she comes home. I hear she, and the others, is having a great time!

As the Easter week began here, we had lots of snow! I thought spring had begun... and now all is white outside. And wet, because the temprature is above freezingpoint. So we have been mostly inside.

Have a great Eastertime!

Forgjengelige ting said...

Hello! I think I know your sister's husband's sister!!!
Greetings from your sister's husband's sister's mum :D