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Friday, March 28, 2008

Beach Beach Beach

So we've been insanely busy here . . . but it's SO fun! My cousin and his wife are visiting us from Canada and it's been a BLAST! Staying up WAY too late, tons of pictures (Heather is a photographer as well so we can't help ourselves), SHOPPING!!!....all the important "florida" stuff, you know?

So yesterday we went to the beach. Unfortunately it didn't go QUITE as planned. Heather and I hit the mall around lunch time and managed to stay too long. (shocker, eh?) My parents headed over to the beach around 4pm and the people riding with us (meaning the kids and us) managed to get in the car around 5. THEN, we realized we had no gas in the truck - which is the only car that all 6 of us could get in. :) That took some time - and Dave nominated Heather to go in the gas station to get some drinks because we'd managed to hammer back half a bag of chips in the 3 minutes it took to GET to the gas station. :)

An hour later we got to the beach (along with some rousing renditions of "peanut, peanut butter...JELLY!" curtesy of Ella & Micah in the back seat - Oh and some Great Big Sea as well...) - it was already getting cool out and we immediately set into taking some pictures. (I realize I look like a FOOL most of the time, which is why I try to stay BEHIND my lens!!) Mom was kind enough to play with Ella and Dave was sweet enough to dig Micah a BIG hole in the sand.

Unfortunately, "somebody" had put me in charge of getting us ready for the beach. I had remembered the charcoal (one point for me!) but I'd forgotten the lighter AND the lighter fluid. (minus two points for me.) Matthew headed to the grocery store - THANKS Matthew!! :) About 10 minutes after he'd left my dad realized that while I HAD remembered the meat & condiments (two points for me!!) I had also FORGOTTEN the buns. OH and the plates. (minus two more points). For anyone keeping track I'm still at -1..... Anyways, Matthew got back from the store (he'd left his phone at home so we couldn't call him to tell him to add buns to the list) - and then he went out AGAIN to get the buns. (thanks again Matthew!!)

Needless to say, I did not make any friends last night. BUT, the burgers and hot dogs were great, company was awesome, and we got some fun pictures out of it. Here are some of Dave and Heather - I won't lie, I have a little "thing" for lens flare . . . and I should also tell the truth - Matthew is better at it than me. Someday if I get up the nerve I might post HIS pictures next to mine because he TOTALLY kicked my butt last night with the TWO pictures he shot of Dave & Heather . . . but as of right now, my confidence isn't up to par for that kind of hit. :)


Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY love these! Awesome sun glow!

Oliver said...

Love these!! Jodie from Snappers-HI!!!!!