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Monday, March 1, 2010

Have you got a minute to spare?

I'm sure you could find one....you are, after all, reading this, right? And you probably realize by now that I am long-winded and will waste far more than just one minute of your time before you're done...haha...there goes one minute right tere! Ok so - I challange you to vote, once a day, for the entire month of Marc, for THIS Children's Home - Homes of Hope for Children - to receive a $250K grant from Pepsi Refresh - they are giving the money away to the winner of the most votes - and we can totally make this happen for them! Spread the word - email, facebook, your blog....

I know (and grew up with) the wife of the couple who live at the Children's Home - or rather, the "parents" of the home. :) She's the older sister of one of my longest and best friends. She and her husband are now dorm parents and I am really excited about this new ministry for them. My family and I are praying for them as they live with these children and reach out to them each and every day that they are in the children's home. And for this month, we are committed to vote EVERY DAY and help spread the word! Would you join us? I won't waste ANY more of your time - here's the link, again...... Vote Here!!


Anonymous said...

Today we're at #2...quickly moving up in the ranks! Thanks for your support and it was an awesome surprise to see this 'plug' on your blog- you're the best!

Lisa said...

Thanks for posting this. I voted yesterday and today. I will try to remember to vote every day this month.

Peggy Lewis said...

I voted today. What a great way to support such a worthy cause.

Lisa said...

So it looks like they finished in 2nd place and will get the grant. Right?? I voted every day for them- so happy they won!