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Friday, February 19, 2010

Olivia is like Ice Cream.... - 10 months old {Central Florida Children's Photography}

Olivia will be ten months old on Sunday...two days from today. I cannot believe that ten months have passed! I asked Ella, a I sat here getting ready to blog, what she thinks Olivia. This is her reply:

What? Why do I have to think about Olivia? I think about her, playing with her. And...what else? Hmmm...I like her when she plays dollies sometimes. Um, I think about playing with her. One minute....I like talking to her. Oooooo-livia, Livia, Livia, Livia...she's the best. That's the best of her.

Hmm....well, I'm not the only one who has trouble staying on task! Here's Micah's take on Olivia:

She's cute....she's funny.....Uhh. She dances funny. She, um, uh...um...uhhhh...is a fun little baby. Her favorite movie is Baby Einsteins. She can suck on my monster trucks - yeah, not very often, but sometimes I let her.

So....who is this little wonder, Olive Juice?

Standing with no help.
Will not take steps while we hold her hands - REFUSES to.
Sometimes will cruise ONE teeny step before giving up and crawling.
When you put her down she will sob like her heart is broken and fold over her legs to lay her pathetic little head on the floor.
Sometimes she does it in anger....and bangs her head on the floor.
It doesn't work.
At least not always.
Has two bottom teeth.
A third one is trying to come through.
As is one on the top.
Currently has a double ear-infection for the third week.
(First round of antibiotics did not work.)
Still smiles, still laughs....even though obviously miserable.
Claps her hands a lot.
Laughs at her sister's craziness.
Laughs through her nose (sniffing harshly is a better way to describe it)
Shrieks when Micah plays with her.
Reaches for daddy as soon as she spots him.
Then back to mommy.
Likes to play in the toilet.
Is not allowed to play in the toilet.
Likes to eat cheerios.
Also likes Gerber puffs....
does NOT like generic puffs!
Looks fabulous in her birthday suit.
Has thick hair growing in and scraggly long "original" hairs over the top of it all.
Perfect for pig-tails.
Hates when I do anything to her hair.
Loves chewing on nerf bullets from her brother's nerf gun.
Really prefers the ones with rubber "suckers" on the end.
Chews the rubber suckers off, and then chews on THEM until we dig them out of her mouth.
Loves fruit.
Gags on most vegetable baby foods that come in jars.
LOVES big people food and will eat almost anything from the table.

Hm...so much more but these are my current random thoughts about Olivia. I just love her so much! Micah is, and always will be, my baby boy. Ella keeps life interesting and fun. Olivia just fits. It's like ice cream. You're never too full for ice cream. Even when you think you don't need it, it just melts in and fills all the cracks. That's like Olivia. We didn't think we needed her, but she just has filled in all the cracks and we're perfectly, wondefully, satisfied. :)


Pig Tails for the first time today. :)










Lydia said...

e please bring that baby up here! today. or tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I just saw this on my FB feed.. and now I am crying! lol I have a 10 month old ( will be 11 months tomorrow) little girl.. who sounds so much like yours of course with her milestones.. and I too was reflecting on how fast this past year has went, and what I wouldn't do to make time stand still, or at least slow down for just a bit.. so I can enjoy my baby just a little longer...
Your analogy to her being like Ice cream is what has me emotional.. such a beautiful positive way to describe life's unexpected blessings.

Kim ( Cash and Presley's Mom)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE picture number 5 scrolling down.
love the blog!!!!!

The Røsviks said...

Oh, your ice cream analogy made me cry too! I love you so much Olive Juice. You light up my life, even from thousands of miles away. And now I'm very sad because I miss you so very much. Love, auntie Sarah

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. All of it.

eba said...

<3 <3
This kind of ice Cream is sooo good! ;) We have some too, turning 3 this summer... *sigh*

OlyviaNoel said...

Absolutely adorable! Matt & I loved the pictures :)