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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

LAUNCH - A Natural Light Workshop for Beginners

I have some SUPER exciting news. One of my best friends, Stacy Larsen, along with her friend, Kristie Serra, are offering an exciting workshop!! I'm so proud of her and SO excited for them! It's called LAUNCH, and it is "The natural light workshp for beginners" - how cool is that?!?

Now, this is NOT for people who are already in business and are happy with where you are.... or who just want to "take better pictures" - although, if you WANTED to learn how to take better pictures I assure you that you will! But it IS for people who want to shoot like a professional and want to start a photography business.

Well, their website says it SO much better but honestly, I'm so excited for them that I just might sign up myself! (if nothing else, I'd get to hang with Stacy for a couple of days...even if the rest of you are there too....and I promise you - she's AWESOME and you will LOVE her!!) I'm sure Kristie is great too, I've only heard good things. :)

Ok - so...spread the word peeps! An exciting opportunity and it's here in SUNNY Florida! Think of it as a nice vacation in the middle of winter - the first workshop is in February. :)

So go HERE and see what it's all about!! :)

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Kristie said...

Thank you, Elisabeth!!!! You are soooooo fabulous!!!!