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Friday, October 16, 2009

Fawn - a new shop in Downtown Sanford

Today I was really excited to find 5 extra minutes to run into Fawn, a new shop that has opened in Downtown Sanford. It's a little boutique store but...not so. I can't explain it - but it's so great! You have super cute tutus and shirts and clothes for kids...stuff that's made by women and not just mass produced at the gap. :) (Don't get me wrong, I LOOOOVE the Gap...but I love a bit of individuality and uniqueness too!)

There's a place for pretty jewelry and other accessories every mom would love...scarves, FUN felt flowers for your hair (I need one or two!), beautiful handmade headbands...just LOTS to look at! Five minutes was not long enough and I can't wait to find a few more minutes without the kiddos to check it out. Having said that, it's totally kid-friendly. :) Little play area in the corner, lots of things for them to check out...my favorite part of the store is the tree that they built in the middle of the room - it's shelving and cuteness ALL rolled up in one!

Oh - and they even have a section called "Fawn Recycled" - yep, used clothes! I'm not sure if they accept consignment or just buy outright but there's a little section full of boys and girls stuff - mostly little stuff (perfect for miss Olivia) - and I LOVE that idea! I always thought boutiques should consider selling used stuff too...I mean, you only wear it a few times and it still looks great!

All in all, I'm super excited abou this addition to Sanford's historical district. :) I am looking forward to exploring the store in a little more detail and definately think you ladies and mamas out there would love it too! Their website is here and you can sign up for their newsletters. Super cute ideas for gifts for a friend or treats for yourself. ;)

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