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Monday, April 28, 2008

Ella Bella

Here is my Ella Bella - in all her glory. We decided this morning to have some one-on-one time - we're trying to get some nice pictures of the kids. Sadly, while I thoroughly enjoy taking pictures of OTHER people's kids, my own are a SERIOUS pain in the rear! They don't look at me, they cry, they whine, they run the other way . . . they give me the silliest faces (note, I did not say FUNNY faces) . . . and even with bribery I am not able to accomplish my goal!

SO, after a frustrating hour with Ella, I managed to come away with a handful of "decent" pictures - but not what I wanted. I told Micah that I didn't have the energy (or patience!) to do his pictures . . . he didn't seem too sad about that! (Although he WAS worried that he wouldn't get his "gummies" - which were my tools of bribery that he knew he'd get during his "session"!)

ANYWAYS - while these pictures aren't what I was looking for SPECIFICALLY, I still think she's the most beautiful little girl EVER and I'd happily display these on my wall for the world to see! :)


Anonymous said...

gosh, she's cute. I want to pinch those cheeks.

IVMarz said...

good job, mama! She's a beauty

Forgjengelige ting said...

A very sweet girl, more and more like Meisels :)

Statton Family said...

OH Elisabeth, she's beautiful! They are wonderful! My favorite is the one under the pettiskirt photo that shows the red. It's the B&W one under it. Awesome!!!!!