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Monday, April 14, 2008

The First Campout

We've been telling Micah for months that we'd go camping . . . and you know what?? It never happened. (Big shocker, huh?) Sadly, we let the whole "winter" go by without putting the tent up even one time - well, not true, but Micah wasn't IN the tent so it didn't count. Anyways, tonight is very possibly the last cool evening in FL for the next several months . . . and even though it's a "work night" for Daddy, we put up the tent and the boys are out there (right now!) reading books and eating popcorn! (Since it was a very last minute decision to camp, I had no time to properly prepare . . . so they are seriously lacking in the provisions department.)

Ella and Micah "helped" Daddy put the tent up . . . I did nothing but snap pictures FRANTICALLY in the dark. (In the hopes of somewhat capturing this monumental night - the FIRST campout!) Micah repeatedly told Ella that she was going to sleep inside with Mommy because she's "not a big boy yet" like he is. :) She replied with an emphatic, "NO Bubby! I a GIRL!" She and I came inside and watched Curious George together . . . and I have NO idea what the boys are doing. Well, I do know it involves some books on bugs and other creepy crawly things (Micah's current infatuation) - Oh and popcorn and flashlights. Sounds like a little boy's dream, eh?? :) I hope they sleep good!

Here's the evidence (for when Micah is older and asks why we NEVER did anything spur-of-the-moment or "cool" with him):
Putting up the tent with his "helpers"...

The excitement is mounting....poor kid can hardly stand it!
Ella, insisting on being RIGHT in the middle of everything (as usual!)
This is how we left them - Happiest little boy on the block tonight!


Anonymous said...

awww!!! what cute pictures!!! :) now that he has done his first backyard campout... he needs to go on a real campout! hahaha...I love camping... it is soo much fun.. :) beautiful pictures as usual! ttyl!


Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

We're making plans for a REAL camp out :) We love camping and it's really sad it's taken us this long to get Micah and Ella out there! :)

Anonymous said...

how fun!!! love the story. love the pictures. mom

hjemme bra said...

Guess Mika had the night of his life ;-)
Great pictures!