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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Noisy Roosters & Children

We aren't going to make it to church this morning - the runny noses & deep coughs are going to keep us quarantined at home. Instead of a nice quiet morning I've got a naked 2 year old & a self-dressed 4 year old chasing each other with a loud and obnoxious "cock-a-doodle-doo-ing" rooster. :) Oh wait - the 4 year old just hung the rooster from the window blinds - maybe the craziness will die down soon!

So the "exciting" thing that happened yesterday is the possibility of flying up to New Hampshire in May to photograph several different families. A friend of mine has been talking me up (THANK YOU - you ROCK!) and sharing my website around - and it looks like a trip to visit her & schedule several sessions is in the making! I'm SO excited - it'd be like actually TRAVELING to photograph . . . SO - when and if it happens, I'll post the details for everyone to share in my excitement!!

Here are a few images from a past session I'm re-working - because, once again, I don't like posting w/o some sort of image! I'm spending too much time playing with the processing . . . but it's FUN! :)

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