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Monday, January 28, 2008

Family Supper

Saturday was my grandma's birthday (and she'll probably be pleased to know that I DO remember what year it is for her, but I won't share it with the world). :) My husband's birthday was a week ago and with both of them so close, we often celebrate them at the same time. (My 2 yr old, Ella, is certain that it's always SOMEBODY'S birthday . . . evidenced by the daily singing of "HAP bird-ay OOh YOU!") So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Grandma & Matthew - I love you both so much!

Tonight we had supper, ate cake & ice cream - yum - and sat around. Good times! For Christmas I gave my dad a picture frame and told him I'd fill it - and tonight I took a picture of him & mom for the center picture.....here it is. Not bad, eh? Good looking couple and they're the most awesome people - honestly.

Then I figured I'd do one of G&G because - well - why wouldn't I? If I'm going to be obnoxious & photograph people, why NOT just do everyone around? :) And of course, Micah had to be in on it . . . so there he is with his cheesiest smile - trying to watch the "bulldozer movie" going on behind me.

And I can't tell you how FUNNY it is that this "bulldozer movie" is apparently the most INTERESTING movie out there - for dudes. Ella won't even look at the TV . . . and my mom, grandma & myself couldn't be bothered either . . . but my dad, hubby, Micah & grandpa cannot TEAR themselves away!! :) So they were quiet and calm - giving me this sweet picture of Micah & Papa (or "GG" - great-grandpa . . . depending on the day).

Anyways - it was a great evening - I love family meals with as many of us as are around together! (if only ALL FOUR sisters were here . . . now THAT would make me so happy!)

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Forgjengelige ting said...

Oh, How lovely!! I really like your photoes!! You have a very nice family!!