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Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Business Cards . . .

I've been working on these for the last couple of days - which isn't saying much since I didn't design them! The wonderful & VERY talented Eva Talley (http://www.evatalley.com/) created these for me (along w/ the rest of my branding & logos) and I've been filling them w/ images trying to get the best "fit".

I've settled on these two options to have printed - and may do both. Just thought I'd share them here. :)



Back (Option 1)

Business Card 4

Back (Option 2)

Business Card 2 - net


Eva said...

these look great Elisabeth ... and I love seeing your new header here! My absolute MOST FAVORITE part of what I do is seeing the finished product. Thanks again for putting your faith in me ;)

Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

How could I not trust you Eva?? You are AWESOME!! :D

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with everything! Thank you!!!