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Monday, March 14, 2011

Day One of Project LTBW2YL

What?!? You say? You don't know what LTBW2YL means? You're not the only one - I promise. It only means something to me. (And every other mom who is possibly in my shoes!!) I have been SUCH a lazy bum and two years have gone by since Olivia's birth - well, almost two. Do you know where I'm going with this yet? Project LTBW2YL stands for "Lose-The-Baby-Weight-2-Years-Later!" :) It's time. It's past time.

Oh and this is part THREE. Because I've done this. Twice before. And after each kid I birthed, it took me two years to bother to even care. And now, this third (and most likely final) time around....it's again been two years. And now I care. :) Sort of. I figure if I make it public perhaps I will shame myself into actually doing it? Nah. Probably not. I'm a big enough girl (obviously - and yes the pun is intended!) to admit when I mess up or don't keep my word so there's a really good chance that I will eventually screw this up too.

But in case I don't, here's to DAY ONE of this journey. It took me a long time to get here (you don't think it's EASY maintaining this weight, do you? It takes a LOT of calories/snacks/downright laziness to keep it up!!) and it's not going to be gone tomorrow. Oh if only it would be gone tomorrow. ;) Alas, the ice cream calls my name and I have told myself I can have a HALF CUP of it later this afternoon WHEN I GET HUNGRY. We'll see if that ever happens. The 'land' that I have available to live off of is vast and could last me a while....

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gc said...

good luck with project LTBW2YL...i too am on a similar journey. my new blogg is about my challenge to lose 40lbs (and thats without having a baby..which would have been a shock as im a guy lol)..and i too may not last the course...already I hear the fridge calling my name!!

again good luck