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Friday, March 4, 2011

Baby Ruthie {Florida Newborn Photographer}

So this post is about my sweet little sort-of-niece, Ruthie. She's got the best name. We share it. :) Except hers is backwards...or is mine backwards?? Regardless, she gets to go by Ruthie, which is awesome.

Ruthie's mama is well-known here on my blog because she's my cousin's wife AND a phenomenal photographer that lives in Canada. And we flew up to visit them after Ruthie's arrival (she was born on Valentine's Day!) so that Heather could have some pictures of her AND her baby. The records now show that Heather was indeed a part of this little miracle. ;) (We moms tend to be behind the cameras instead of in front of them and aside from taking our word for it, our children might think we are lying about us being there for those early years!)

Anyway, these are just a few. Ok they are quite a few. There will be more. These are just of Ruthie by herself. And these also took place immediately before she relieved herself (in more ways than one!) ALL over me. It was by far the best job any little person has done on me to date. ;)











And if you're wondering, OH HECK YEAH, we totally rocked the "baby leaning forward on her hands" shot. But it definately took TWO of us - all four hands. :)


jessica said...

She's soo precious! These shots are totally worth the mess all over you, right? :)

Cherie McConnell said...

A true blessing!!!

Heather Wilkinson said...

I'm in Love... both with my baby girl and these pictures. THANK YOU so much for coming all that way to photograph us!

Deanna said...

What a gorgeous baby girl!